Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 13...Hollywood Studios

And the rain begins...not to bad but enough to require some expensive Disney poncho's!!:)  lol Hollywood Studios was a fun park...definitely not at the top of anyone's list but still fun!!  We were disappointed that we arrived just a little to late to sign the kids up to do Jedi training...but honestly they didn't know what they missed so it wasn't to big of a deal!!  Some of the highlights of the day:
Samuel...The Toy Story ride (it was AWESOME!!), the Star wars ride, meeting Phinneus and Ferb, the Muppets show and eating dinner at Pizza Planet.
Sophia...The Muppets Show, Beauty and Beast, the Toy Story ride, meeting Phinneus and Ferb
Grace...Everything except The Star Wars Ride (she was terrified..poor girl)
Isabelle...The beauty and beast show and pretty much everything but the star wars ride.

My acting was so much fun!!  The kids really got a kick out of it too!! :)

 The rain isin't going to stop us...
 We even met

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