Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 12...Animal Kingdom

After heading back up to Orlando...Animal Kingdom was our first stop...and if you ask the kids this was their FAVORITE park.  Jared and I were pleasantly surprised at how awesome it was.  I really was expecting a glorified zoo...but bot was I was so much more!!  The shows really take the prize in this park...they were ALL amazing!!   The attention to detail in the entire park was so cool..but especially on the Kilimanjaro Safari...its really felt like you were on a real safari within the animals natural habitats!!  We had so much fun!! :)
Highlights of the Day for the kids...
Samuel...The crocodiles on the safari and the Lion King Show
Sophia...The spinning roller coaster (TriceraTop spin) and the Bugs life show
Grace...The elephants during the safari, the dinosaur ride and the Finding Nemo show
Isabelle...The safari, the TriceraTop Spin ride and the Finding Nemo show

The Kilimanjaro Safari...
 We left the safari with a couple extra animals in our group!:)
 Lot's more character meetings and autographs!!

The kids loved watching these cute palm leaf birds being made..
 The Lion King show....AMAZING!!
 The architecture was beyond awesome!!

A couple more favorite shots of the day...we got to see the biggest ugliest bats that we had ever seen.  The tiger scared be to death as I rounded a corner I found myself staring him in the face..ha

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