Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 14...Epcot

Day 4 of parks and I have to be honest I wasn't excited about going to Epcot...I vaguely remember visiting Epcot as a kid and remember it being really boring.  Boy was I wrong we all LOVED Epcot!!  Despite the constant drizzle falling from the sky we had a blast!!
Before I get to the highlights of the day I have to give you a little back story.  As soon as we arrived at Epcot Jared headed over and got us fast passes to ride a ride called soarin' we had heard it was awesome...well our FP's weren't until 8 that night.  So we go about our day exploring and head back to soarin at the time we needed to only to be met with four kids REFUSING to ride.  I eventually talked Sophia into going and Jared sat with the triplets.  Well needless to say Sophia and I LOVED this ride and ran like maniac's to the exit when it was done to try to get the others to ride before our fast passes expired. Isabelle immediately agreed, Grace refused (and for her reaction after other rides I wasn't about to make her go) and Samuel started to refuse and I made a deal with him that he could buy the biggest lego set he wanted and he could punch me in the arm if he didn't like it...I still had to send him on the ride in tears.  After they rode I was met with nothing but smiles and giggles they LOVED it and were so bummed they couldn't ride it again.  Silly kids.
Highlights of the day:
Grace: The nemo ride and getting all the country stamps on Duffy the bear
Isabelle: The Nemo ride and Soarin'
Samuel: SOARIN' and the space ride
Sophia: Soarin and The Nemo ride

Loved all the details in the buildings within each country!!

 The only character we got to meet at Epcot...loved that she was telling the kids how to make a game out of cleaning their rooms!!:)


Jared and I even got caught by the paparazzi :)

 The fireworks over the water her AMAZING!!

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