Monday, September 17, 2012

Days 9-11...South Florida

After our first Disney Day...I was glad we had a couple of days to recover...we had so much fun but I can't imagine having gone straight for 5 days.  So we took a weekend of rest, relaxation and lots of fun with our Friends in South Florida.  BJ and I have been friends since we were kids it was so wonderful to catch up with him and his wife Melissa and it was a true JOY to let our kids get to know each other.  We hope to make it a tradition to get together every couple of years!! :)

Samuel's favorite part of our entire journey South was the fact he got to see a couple alligators....aww boys!!  :)
 We even got to hold some cute baby duckies...

 Our crew....John, Isabelle, Samuel, Sophia, Grace & Carter..
 Our awesome Hosts..
 Always good to see this guy.
 While down South we got to also visit with my Aunt Kinda, Uncle Dave and Cousins Drew and Meredith.  (we missed you lots Adam!!:)

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