Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School....finding a new normal..

We interrupt vacation pictures and posts to bring you the new school year.  Where in the world did our summer really feels like I blinked and it was gone.  Much more to come about our summers adventures and vacations..but for now I bring you the first day of school.  Grace, Isabelle and Samuel entered 2nd grade and our baby Miss off to FULL DAY kindergarten.  And I find myself transforming from busy stay at home mom to a mom that has 7 hours to herself 5 days a week.  It's been a little strange, exciting and honestly a little sad at times.  Maybe we should have another baby...haha
The kids were so excited to head back to school back to routine...I have to say we are really blessed (for now) with kids that LOVE school!!  The entire experience has been a little surreal for me.  For 7 years of my life I have been running kids to daily activities and field trips, play dates, etc....and as I send them off to school all day I find myself lost like the door of *stay at home mom* has ended.  My time with them each day is just a few hours.  I know as moms and dads this is the moment that we work for sometimes fight an uphill battle for to send them off to school to know we've done a good job and they are ready to conquer the world atleast a little bit without us holding their hands.  I get it but what I wasn't prepared for this year is the since of loss of having so much times each day without atleast one of them by my side.  Don't get be wrong I love the opportunity to work my business during actual business hours but I find some days I long for them all to be babies/toddlers once again..the time they were young just went by so fast...but time marches on and I will do the same just down a different path then I am used to!!   

 Oh my momma Grace, she is a sweet, independent and very determined little lady.  She melts my heart daily!!  She has picked Gymnastics to be her fall activity and has already started...and then  is looking forward to basketball this winter!!

 Isabelle, BelleMae...she is smart, dynamic and slightly dramatic.  She is my resident helper most days!!  Isabelle has chosen piano lessons as her fall activity and is counting the days until she starts!!  She will also play basketball this winter (insert momma jumping for joy on the girls being interested in basketball)

 Samuel ~  He's silly, quirky and a boy of many questions.  I'm so proud of the amazing little boy he is!!  Samuel will be starting football (flag) very soon and will also be playing basketball this winter!!

 Grace & Miss Richards
 Isabelle & Mrs, Richardson
 Samuel & Ms. Pratt
 Oh Sophia, my little Sophia...I have been longing for this day and dreading it all at the same time.  She is SOOOOO ready for school but it's hard (atleast for me) to send the baby off to school.  Sophia is spirited, social and has a love of life that I wish we all had...her dynamite personality will be sure to take her far in this world!!  Sophia is taking dance (ballet & tap) this fall with two of her best little friends!!:)

 Sophia & Mrs. Hofer

 Our 4 monkey's..
 Sophia was so excited to have Nana with is on her first day!!
After some daddy lovin' she is ready for her day!!

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