Monday, September 03, 2012

Day 5 & 6..Orlando, Best Friends, Clear Water & Winter

On Day 5 of our journey we finally made it to Orlando...the real reason for our summer visit our friends the Kelsey's.  We were so sad when  they moved away but have to admit we are pretty excited that they moved to such a cool area!!:)  The girls young and old were thrilled to see each other!!
 reunited and it feels so good!!:) 
 I could definitely get used to the Florida way of life...I'm secretly praying that Jared's job transfers us here!!:) 
 We couldn't pull our fish from the water..they loved the sunflower tasting pool (aka salt water pool)

 To say the least the kids were having a BLAST!!

 On Day 6 of our vacation we headed South to Clear Water, Florida to visit Winter the Dolphin at the Clear Water Aquarium
 We were immediately greeted with the "house boat" from the Dolphin Tales cool!!

 The kids thought it was pretty cool to actually hold one of Winter's old tails!

 I was surprised and thrilled that we were able to get so close to Winter...what an amazing story she has!!

 Next up was a show with Nicholas..

The trip to Clear Water was completely worth it, the entire experience of visiting the Clear Water Aquarium was AMAZING!!  The people that worked there, the amount of animals we got to see and touch, we LOVED every part of it.  The kids LOVE watching Dolphin Tales now more than ever!! 

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