Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 4...The beach...

Introducing my kids to the ocean was one of the single greatest things about this trip.  They were so excited we decided to make a detour from St. Augustine to Orlando and hit our first beach.  These images make my heart leap with joy!! 
Grace literally stopped in her tracks and just stared for a few moments!!:)
All the kids were fearless...running right in and enjoying the waves...

Enjoying the waves right up until one took Sophia out....and that was all she wrote for Sophia...a mouthful of salt water and she wanted nothing more to do with the ocean for the remainder of our time in Florida!!:(   I'm just hoping we didn't scar her for life!!
Daddy to the rescue..

Oh how I wish someone would have been with us to get a picture of our entire family here!!

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