Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day ONE...Kansas, Missouri, Illinois

Day One...We left town about 1pm.  Our first stop was Concordia, Missouri at a rest stop for a picnic lunch.  After lunch we played follow the leaderall around the rest stop and ended back at the car with a congo much fun!!:) 

Jump, jump, jump for FLORIDA!!:)

One of the things that I purchased for this trip was a roadtrip...was the Road Trippin edition of adventure in a box from The Happy Family MOvement ( Experience #1....Mustache was a hoot!!

 Our first sight seeing stop was in St. Louis at the Arch....we got there just a tad to late to actually go up in it...which was was fun to run around in the park that surrounds the arch!!

 Love this picture...and love this family...Day ONE was so much fun!!:)
 A little note I found in our hotel room after I put the kids to bed...I think they are fans of our trip so far!!:) 

Quote of the day...from I'm handing the waiter money to pay for our dinner with a look of horror and shock on her face..."Why are you wasting all of our Florida money here?!!?"  ummmm honey because we have to pay for the food we just

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