Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surprise were going to Florida....

It took months of planning but somehow we pulled off a surprise trip for the kiddos!!  We packed the car while they were at school on the last day.  Walked home for a scavenger the end of the hunt they learned that we were headed to FLORIDA.  I need to try to upload the's hilarious...they just all sat and stared at us in shock..and then of course after the video stops the screaming began...between getting to see their friend Madison and reality that we were going to Disney they were beyond excited!!
Everyone did so great in the car...We can't wait to make road trips a yearly Mullinax Summer Tradition!! 

 I found this idea on pinterest...and it worked amazingly!!  Each kiddo had there own snack box...I filled them up each morning that we were in the car....They were resposible for how much and how quickly they ate their snacks...because what was in this box was it for the day.  Worked like a charm we never heard mom I'm starving and they loved the variety and being reposible for themselves!!

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