Monday, July 02, 2012

Day 2...Part 1...Kentucky & Tennesse

One of the great things about roadtrips/vacations is that you get to enjoy things that are out of the norm, *special* having ice cream for a mid morning snack....thats how we like to roll!! :)

Day 2 we stopped for another picnic lunch...thank you to a few good i-phone apps we were able to find the perfect park....tall, trees, shaded and empty!!:)  We are a little on the wild side so we prefer not to have others to disturb!!  ha  The Old Stone Fort in Teneessee fit our needs perfectly!!
When roadtripping with kids picnics are the way to go...its waaaay cheaper, the kids are always excited for uncrustable sandwiches (because I normally never buy them lol),  we all get to stretch our legs and the kids can be loud and a little wild instead of sitting still and quiet at a resturant!! Then when were done we get to explore the area around us!!  

 I asked her to smile...this is what I got!!  lol
 After we filled our bellies it was time to run off some energy and have fun!!:)   We opened another *experience* from our roadtrip in a box...this time it was beach ball fun....I grabbed a couple pictures but honestly the fun lasted about 30 seconds until our monkeys were fighting over the one ball...aww the joys of lots of kids!!  ha  So instead of playing soccer with the beach ball we went on a hike.

 We found a great creek on our hike...
 Jared was teaching the kids how to skip rocks!!:)   The fresh air did us good and we were ready to hit the road stop Georgia!!

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