Sunday, January 16, 2011

Making Room....

I've been dreading this day hoping and praying that Isabelle would lose a couple teeth on her own...but no such luck.  When we were at the dentist several months ago he asked that I make an appointment for her to have three teeth pulled (luckily she lost one on her own)  The issue her poor little mouth (that she inherited from her mama) is just not big enough for all her teeth.  After she lost her middle two teeth on the bottom(which were on top of each other) and the permanent teeth started to come in because of the lack of room they started to come in under her next two teeth.  So to avoid any damage to her pretty Big girl teeth we had to get the two baby teeth this out of there!! 
Well despite me being so nervous about the entire went PERFECTLY!!  I can't say enough for our dentist, Dr LeBlanc...his office made the entire process easy...Isabelle watched Barbie, got a little laughing gas...a few shots to numb and the teeth were out in seconds and the best part she had NO clue that they took them out!!  :)  So there were no tears and just pure excitement that she was going to have a visit from the tooth fairy!!:)  I'm so very thankful that the process went so I'm positive we will being doing the same thing a couple more times as she losses teeth.
 her pretty new smile!!

...and the loot!! haha

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Marissa said...

I understand. Both of my girls are getting ready for palate expanders. Our dentist told me that Mariah has one of the smallest palates he has ever seen on someone who wasn't born with a palate disorder. Lovely. I see many dollar signs in the way of orthodontics in my future!