Sunday, August 16, 2009


With the end of summer coming oh so quickly...we have been on a dash to get all the things I wanted to do with the kids done in the last week. (Our monkey's start school tomorrow...the trio in Pre-k and Sophia in preschool) One of the places I just heard about this summer and knew I had to take the kids was Savanahland. The rumor that they let you hold a baby chimp was enough to hook me. So last Wednesday I packed up 7 kids and myself and we headed out. (Our summer sister, Piper was with us plus my friend Tara's girl's) When we pulled up and I got my first glimpse of the *babies* they had there I knew this was going to be an amazing adventure. We did in fact get to hold 6 month old Aiden the chimp and 8 month old Wesley the Kangaroo!!! AMAZING....doesn't even really sum it up...seriously one of the coolest things I've ever taken the kids to!! The facility is nice, the people wonderful and the amount and variety of animals they have is great!! But on top of the cool animals they are a educational facility so I learned a ton about all the cool animals we saw...the kids could have cared less about all the details...but for us momma's it made the tour more fun!! :)
Some of the animals we saw:
fox, mom, dad and baby
deer (they roam free around the grounds...coming right up to you and eating out of your hands. (they also had babies)
giant turtles
more kinds of monkeys then I can even remember
miniature pony
a baby camel
and several more things that I can't remember or that I didn't see because I was chasing Sophia (I know your all shocked that I was chasing her! ha)

The tours are my appointment only and you must have 25 people in your if anyone ever wants to check it out and you need more us...the Mullinax's add 6..and we would go make a hundred times!! :) Also they have an *open house* the 3rd Saturday's of each month...where you can come without a group. I highly recommend Savanahland...we had a blast..and here are the pics to prove it!! :)

Meet Aiden

Our littlest monkey holding a monkey!! :)

...see don't you just want to take him home he's so cute!!

Meet Wesley

Sam really wanted to hold Wesley but was a little scared so mom got to hold him!! :)

Our fearless girl!!

My friend Kim's girls....

The baby camel....we was a hoot...did a little dance for us!!

Samuel feeding the deer

Can't remember what this was maybe a hyena??

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