Wednesday, August 26, 2009

IOWA State fair....

First I want to start off and say I know I've been a horrible blogger's been crazy around here.....but school has now started so I'm going to *try* to take this chance to catch up before dance and soccer starts in a few weeks...and then all bets are off!! ha

Two weekends ago we took the kids on a road trip to Des Moines to go to the Iowa State fair...I'll be honest with you I though we were CRAZY and that the kids were to young to really enjoy it. But we were headed to Iowa anyway (I had a session) so why not try it out...I predicted that we last 4 hours...well boy was I wrong...almost 10 hours later we left...our belly's full of yummy fair treats, our feet tired but our hearts full of fun memories!! :) We had a blast...we can't wait to go again next year!!

Among our favorite things was....
*The yummy Pineapple whip ice cream that can only be found at the Iowa State Fair
*Riding on the Skyline all the way across the fair
*The Little Hands on Farm~ At this the kiddos were able to plant *seeds* harvest their veggies...collect corn and soybeans, pick apples, fetch eggs, milk a *cow* sell their goods at a farmers market...earn money and buy a treat at the country was so cute!!
*all the baby animals...we got to see a calf and baby pigs that had just been born earlier in the day
*Some of largest animals in the world..including a Bull that was 3,400lbs and a boar that was 1,117 lbs
*The Butter Cow (I didn't get any pics but it was very cool)
*more tattoos then we needed
*Fried Oreos (glad we tried them....probably won't ever again)
*The midway...were able to avoid the rides until the very end..and we let the kids choose tow rides...Isabelle, Sam and Sophia picked the motorcycle ride...but Gracie had her eye on riding in an Ellie...and then we all rode the Ferris wheel together

It's always so much fun to go on a new family adventure....and this is one I hope to do again year after year!!

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