Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Our Little Man..Samuel

Samuel George~ Our sometimes ornery, always sweet handsome little man. Samuel has so much magic inside...we sees the world in an entirely different way than the girls...he looks at somethings and he needs to know how and why it works....always so inquisitive!! He often prefers to sit back and take in his environment so he understands exactly how he would like to proceed. He comes across as very shy at first but once you've broken past that..he is very much a clown...doing anything to make you laugh!! He is a builder at heart and loves to build things...mostly to house his wide array of cars!! :) He takes his time learning new tasks...always moving at Sam time. He is very much in need of structure...and doesn't like to deviate from the normal. I've often worried about Samuel growing up in a house full of girls...but he has proven he can hold his own...and that being the only brother is nurturing a very gentle soul...that makes this momma so proud each and every day!!


Laney said...

Loving the updates! Samuel looks especially big in that last picture. They're so grown up!

Anonymous said...

I love the third picture with his little smile. So Sam! Love you little man~Amy