Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grace and Isabelle....a look back

I have a new picture frame in Grace and Isabelle's room that is in need of a few I've spent some time tonight looking back at all our old pictures.....oh the memories. It's amazing to actually see how quickly the kids have grown up thru our pictures. Remembering their cute little baby chub and their sweet little bald heads...It's amazing how quickly their hair has grown since last summer. I look at each one of them and I see bits of Sophia is each of them!! I've picked seven pictures from the past to display in their room...some of my very favorite!! I couldn't help but share them here with all of you!! :) Enjoy, Jen

1 Month old

2 months old....already best friends!!

3 months all time favorite picture of these two!!

7 Months Old

10 Months Old...wearing Great Aunt Beth's Dresses

13 Months Old

2 Years old

and just this month at 2 1/2


Jamie said...

I have never commented but am a frequent visitor.Found you through Five little Monkeys (she's my neighbor). Today I could not visit without saying something. You have such a beautiful family. Your girls are so adorable and Sam is such a cute little guy. You are truly blessed. You are also a fantastic photographer. Can't wait for the next pics,keep up the good work. I always enjoy reading and looking at your blog.
Take Care,

ABC Triplets said...

Those pictures are adorable!

MaryBeth said...

What sweet girls... love all the photos!!

Jennifer Mullinax said...

Thanks Ladies! Hello Jamie, thank you so much for commenting...I always wonder who is checking in on us!! :) Thank you for the wonderful comment! ~Jen

Jessica said...

Hey girlie!
Man, those were a blast from the past... UGH they grow up TOO fast!! The girls are just getting prettier and prettier by the moment, I swear to you! And I can't get over how different, but how much like sister's they look (does that make sense?)
I think those pics are fine choices! I love them all...

mitzi said...

Soooo cute! Love that 7 month one!

Whitney said...

What a wonderful bond those 2 have and it is so great that you have captured it all in pictures! Have a great weekend!


rachael said...

i just love seeing the pictures of your children! Your children (and your photography) are incredibly beautiful!

The Dairy Wife said...


Beautiful as always. You are so very talented.

Isnt' it so heart-tugging to reflect back and see the changes they've made, and it just gives the warmest feelings for what's yet to come.


Rich & Darcie said...

What beautiful little girls and memories to go along with the pictures.

I am a frequent reader but have never commented. You are a fantastic photographer and have such cute 'subjects' to photograph.

Darcie in MI

Lindsey said...

I have never commented before (I don't think), but have been checking in now for a while. I love your pictures and all 4 of your children are adorable. I love the "2 year old" expressions.

Lindsey in San Diego