Wednesday, February 20, 2008

She's in the Band....

Isabelle is our music lover...she loves to sing, loves to dance, loves to play instruments.....loves to have all eyes on her!! :) So it wasn't surprising to me that at the Mr. Stinky Feet concert today she wanted to be in the band. She was sooooo cute and did so good....I was actually in awe watching's hard to believe she is only 2....she looked so grown up standing up there!! Where oh where has my baby gone?!?!

her debut....America Idol here we come!!!

This is the very end...Mr Stinky feet asks the kids to take a bow...this is Isabelle's bow!! :)

 is just a little more cuteness from today!! :)

Our first Baby....Bogey!! :) Oh how his world has changed in the last three years!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the girl's outfits. Isabelle definitely could be in a band with her pink boots and crazy tights! Too cute-it looks like you had lots of fun!