Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conversation with Isabelle....& a fun *OLD* picture...

Grace and Isabelle can let themselves out of their room now....each morning I can hear them *Sneak out* then they run into our room to wake mommy up....there really is no better way to be woke up!! So this morning they climb in with us and the conversation was:

I: Where did you go last night mom?

M: Daddy and I went to dinner with Mark and Tania.

I: Mark and Tania across the street

M. Yes, Mark and Tania from across the street

I: You didn't fall in a hole mommy?!?!

M: No, Isabelle we didn't fall in any holes?!?!

I: You were careful when you crossed the street?

M: Yes, we were very careful.

I: Good job mommy!!

M: Were you worried about us?

I: Yes, I was scared....(followed by dropping her shoulders and head to look very sad too....then a funny grin and a big hug.....and off to the next thing!!)

Lately we've had some of the funniest conversations going on in our you may see more posts like this. I always want to remember their cute little thoughts!! :)

and how could I leave you with no are a couple pictures that I came across the other night....another thing I never want to forget...this is me 14 days before giving birth to the beautiful BIG belly!! :)


My name is Tammie said...

Every time I lurk, um wander, over to your site I just fall in love with all your pictures. You take such beautiful shots and your subjects are pretty dang adorable.

The Dairy Wife said...

Oh my goodness. That belly is the biggest thing I've seen next to mine! I was 59 inches around two weeks before I delivered my trio, and I am only 60 inches tall! I could have gotten around better if someone just rolled me!