Wednesday, January 02, 2008

365 days of LITTLE THINGS

Well for those of you who used to keep up with our 365 days of little things...please pop on over's finally up to date for ALL of 2007. I had let that blog slide during my CRAZY busy season...but I've got it back under control. I've also started a new 365 day blog for 2008. I LOVED doing this so much I thought why not try it for another year. As always I challenge ALL of you to play along...I think you will enjoy it as much as I would love keeping up with you and your families!!

Blessings, Jen

2007 Little Things:
2008 Little Things


Laura - Mom to 3+1 said...

I am interested in your challenage, I wonder if I could keep up with it :) I am also excited to find some other triplet families! My family sounds very similar to yours, only older. I have ggb triplet born May 2000 with a little brother born January 2002! I am now home schooling the trips while my youngest is in Kindergarten. I just started a blog, littleschoolinthebigwoods... no pics yet, but I will get some their! I am marking your page, i will visit again! Laura

Jennifer Mullinax said...

Hi Laura~ I'm so glad you found me...I would definitly encourage you to take part on the photo a day truly is a BLAST!! Off to check out your blog!! ~Jen

Stef~ said...

you're tagged.. visit my blog