Thursday, January 17, 2008

3 of 4...Samuel

Oh Sweet, Sweet Samuel George....this little boy is one of a kind.....such a little man. A mommy's boy...which I adore. The most frequent phrase out of his mouth..."mommy do" Mommy is the ONLY one that can help with most activities.

Sometimes I worry about Sam growing up surrounded by women....he likes to play dress up...have his finger nails polished...sometimes he even insists on wearing his sisters pink PJ's......but then we have one of our daily conversations about his penis...and I know all is well in the world....because he is in fact 100% BOY!! He will hate me for telling the world that someday....but it his new obsession...asking who does and does not have a penis. I never thought I would actually have to say that word so many times each and every day!! :)

Samuel like his sisters knows his ABC's and is counting like a pro....but to see him in action you must get him away from his sisters!! We recently had him evaluated by a speech therapist because our PAT was afraid he was a little delayed...but just as I thought he is exactly where he should be for his age....the issue the girls are so advanced it made him appear to be behind....but he is perfectly on target!!!

Sam's favorite things in the world are still his cars...and now trains after getting a train table from Santa Claus!! He is starting to show a little interest in throwing the ball around with dad....and he is always up for a little wrestling!!! :) Samuel likes the ladies...and isn't shy about giving hugs and kisses to most woman that walk if our front door.....or that we meet at Target, Gymboree, etc. Hee hee....such a sweet sweet boy!!!

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