Thursday, January 17, 2008

4 of 4....Sophia

Last but definitely not least...Sophia Madeline....My Baby Angel!!! Her little smile could light up a room....of all of our children she is the wildest, most spunky ball of fire yet!!! She is always on the go....forgetting that she is just a baby....trying oh so hard to run with the BIG kids. It is amazing how quickly she has done everything in her life...Crawled early...walked at 9.5 months...talked early, the list goes on and on. Example: This girl has Never learned how to go down stairs backwards....she walks down like a big girl holding on to the rail....again just like bubba and sissy's!!!

Sophia has done wonderfully since her surgery last Friday.....I've been pleasantly surprised with how much more she seems to be talking this week.....she patted her belly this week and said "Baby Soph" She has said "Hi" to a couple people on the phone all of whom thought they were talking to Grace or Isabelle. Included in her vocabulary right now are: Hi, Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Papa, bubba, sissy, Grace, Love you, Doggie....woof, woof, milk, more, bye bye, up, bubble, I'm sure I'm forgetting some!!:)

We've started really hitting potty training hard with the triplets....and Sophia even wanted in the action she sat on the toilet as well...I joked that I'll have all 4 of the kids potty trained by the triplets birthday....wouldn't that be amazing!!!

Sophia brings a ray of sunshine to our lives each and everyday...our precious miracle...a true blessing!!


Whitney said...

Beautiful pics of the kids, they all look very happy. Ran across your comments on Dine and Dish, that lead me here. Feel like I've known you for a very long time already though, Tom Barry is my principal and he talked of you often when you were expecting the triplets!

Amanda said...

I have been following you blog for a while and i just love the pictures you take of your kids. They come out so good! And I love how you capture all of their unquieness about each of them. They are soo adorable :) I was wondering if you would suggest a camera that would have good quality pictures like yours.

Jennifer Mullinax said...

Hey Whitney~ What a small world...Tom Barry is like a second dad to him to death!! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

Hey Amanda~ Thank you for the kind words!! I would suggest investing in a SLR digital camera...I'm a Nikon girl all the way. I currently use the NikonD200...but have used the D70 as well with awesome results. Good luck with your choice...and really as long as you go with an SLR you can't go wrong!! ~Jen

The Dairy Wife said...

Another beauty.

I would give anything to have that "bonus" baby, but it's out of the question. At my age, I've hit the limit. But my heart yearns ...