Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 of 4...Isabelle

Isabelle Mae....FunnyBelle or Drama as I like to call her....The Drama Queen indeed...this kid is too smart for her own good.....just recently she has started really trying to work the system!! :)
When she's not trying to give me gray hairs...she is as sweet as can be. My little kisser...hands out more "I love you, mom's " then anyone through out the day. She is a whizz at her ABC's, counting, speaking in Spanish, singing....and is working very hard right now on potty training!!!
She is currently my best subject to takes pictures she LOVES my camera!!! (the exact reason you will find waaaay more picture of her in this post then anyone else!!:) She also got her first camera for Christmas and is always clicking pictures.....she even likes to use reverse psychology just like mom...."Hey, mom picture time....don't look at me....and NO SMILING!!" Such a crack up!!!
Isabelle is a beautiful child....with a spirit that is contagious....if you know her you can't help but be head over heels in love with her....even when she's being slightly dramatic!!:)

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