Monday, December 03, 2007

A few party pics atlast!!! :)

I had the most WONDERFUL Birthday ever....I spent the day enjoying my beautiful kids.....and I spent the night enjoying all my amazing friends!!! The Party my sweet hubby threw for me was PERFECT. I can't think of a better way to celebrate then surrounded by the ones I love. Thank you to each one of you that was made my day so much more special. A BIG thank you to Amy for just being you and helping JT out with all the little party details as well as helping with my attire for the night! :)....and a big Thanks to Stef B for not being scared of my camera and making sure you took lots of pictures.....I love it there is actually proof I was at my party!! I have many more pictures to share with those of you that were at the just have to wait a few more days...I will send you an e-mail and link....I've picked a couple tame pictures to share here.....OH WHAT NIGHT!!! Love you all!! ~Jen


Anonymous said...

Way too much fun! Hard to believe you are the big 3-0! The party was such a blast-thanks for having us! :) Amy

Melissa Mullinax said...

Looks like fun!! Jared did good picking out all the cute pink party stuff and the tiara for ya. :) wink..wink
I won't even ask about the tutus though. LOL!

Sorry we missed it!! We were off celebrating my own b-day. :) So funny that we are only one day apart in our birthdays...but not in years of course. :P Welcome to your 30's!!