Friday, December 07, 2007

Bigger Bed Needed....

We finally moved the girls to toddler beds several weeks went much smoother than I anticipated. We had a couple of spills out in the middle of the night before I got side rails....Isabelle spent several nights on the floor...not because she fell but because she wanted to sleep on the floor?!?! Who am I to object as long as she is sleeping!:) But the best sight happened a little over a week ago when I peaked in to check on them before I went to sleep as I often do....and I found then snuggled together in one bed....such a sweet sight. I thought it was a fluke...but not so...each and every nap and night have been spent together since that night. They LOVE sleeping as the title of this post states...a bigger bed is needed. If anyone out there is looking to part with a full size bed...we are in search of one...hopefully before Christmas!! Here are a couple pictures of my sweet girls yesterday when I went to get then up from nap!! How lucky are they to have each other!?!!! :)

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