Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sophia's 1st Day....

Today was Sophia's first day of "school" and she did wonderful!! I'd like to say that she let out a whimper when I left....but she did not...I'm not sure she even noticed me slipping out....there were waaay to many toys to check out!! The teachers fell in love with her as I knew they would....she's such a good, sweet baby!! I handled today well....I was a little sad when I left but knew she was in good hands!! It helped so much that I know her teachers and I trust them so much...I knew they would be lovin on her all day!!!

Sophia was able to play with her sisters and brother a little today..their classes have outside time together. They said that Sophia was so excited to see her siblings....she started waving, running towards them!! :) So cute!! In other funny school news. Isabelle has become attached to a toy camera they have...she carried it around with her all day. They said at one point their class walked by Sophia's room and Isabelle started taking picture of her little sis thru the window. Aww that makes a mommy's heart happy....my little budding photographer. Now I'm off to search for a camera for Isabelle for Christmas!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!



The Dairy Wife said...

oh she is so cute! ... and I just noticed that she is the spitting image of Grace.

It's hard to turn them over to someone else ... I cried the first day. We had a nanny for 18 months and they were home while I worked, but now I can see that school is good for them. It still melts my heart to look back and walk away.


McTriplet Mommy said...

I kept checking back to see how it went!! :)

Congrats, Mommy!!!