Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where's Belle?!?!??

Last week I opened a portrait order that included a few pictures for me...the ones I took of Grace in the pettiskirt and Samuel with his cars. I was showing the pictures to the kids and Isabelle puts her hands up in an inquisitive manners and asks......."Where's Belle??" I reminded her that she didn't want mommy to take her picture on that day. Which she replies...."I be good next time mom." Well we tried again on Monday and this is what I got....my silly, beautiful Belle!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like she was right, she was "good next time". What beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl! Amy

nailgirl said...

Aww she's beautiful.

The Stephens said...

OMG Jenn. Does it get any BETTER than that? So sweet!


Kelly Mullinax said...

What a precious god-daughter I have..

Can I get one of the 3rd pic?