Monday, September 03, 2007

10 Months Old...

Another month has slipped seems like each time I blink my baby girl becomes a month older. As much as I have hoped and prayed that time would stand still it marches I instead I attempt to savor every second of her sweetness!!!

I could talk all day about how wonderful Sophia is...she is a thriving, happy, gorgeous child. She brings an added joy to my life that I was unaware I needed....even on my worst mommy days (yep I have them) she can make me happy!! I think back to a year ago....pregnant with Sophia I had no idea how I was going to manage four kids so young...and now I hardly know how to function without her. I was driving down to drop the kids off on Friday with Jared's parents and I honestly was trying to make up excuses as to why I had to bring Sophia back home with me. I adore her so much (As I do each one of our children) it often takes my breathe away. I often wonder how I survived before they each came into my life?!?!?

Sophia really is just days from walking....she is taking a few steps here and there on her own. I'm not trying to encourage her...but I can tell she is anxious to be running like the big kids an as much as I want to keep her a baby forever it will be nice when she can walk!! And of course I already have a picture in my head that I want of all my kiddos when she is walking *good* My four angels all holding hands walking away from maybe months before I can capture it....but someday.

We enjoyed a wonderful Labor day weekend full of Fests...first *Smith FEST* which includes a party with our best friends in the world and lots of college friends.....what could be better than that?!?! Then it was off to be with the family at *Mullinax Fest* I have sooooo many pictures to weed thru but I had to give you a couple of my sweet little *Birthday* Girl...down on the farm...a Diva in the making!!! Love you to the moon and back baby girl!!!


Melissa Mullinax said...

Look at her in her matching dress! ::wub:: Very cute :)

Laney said...

what a little beauty! i can't believe she'll be walking soon.