Thursday, September 06, 2007


I know I posted awhile back some pictures I said I was going to hang in the girls room......well I changed my mind...these are going in their room!! My little which one to get big....leave a message and cast you vote!!:) Thanks, Jen


Anonymous said...

I love the 4th picture from the top the one where they are both facing forward in the open field with the big tree in the back. I think that should be the large one.
They are all cute pictures. Thanks for sharing.
I stumbled across your blog awhile back.I wish I had more pictures of my children, live and learn. Maybe I'll do better with my grandchildren. The first is due to arrive anyday now.

Melissa Mullinax said...

I don't know.....I totally loved the other ones with the rain boots and pigtails. Those get my vote still for sure.


Anonymous said...

I love all of them, but my vote is for the 4th one down with the big tree.
Emily Adler

Laney said...

I'm gonna have to agree that the 4th one down is my fave!