Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Samuel, Sam or Sammy...

...the boy with three names!! :) When Jared and I first discussed naming our son Samuel...we both agreed he would be either Samuel or Sam...not Sammy. And for nearly two years that has been the case. But just recently Isabelle has started referring to Bubba as *Sammy* and because it's being said in one of the sweetest voices ever...I think it's adorable!!! Now I won't be calling him that anytime soon..but to here her call him that melts my heart. Grace still calls bubba, Samuel...which cracks me up that they call him different things!!

Samuel is such a boy!!! He's into cars, trains and balls, he likes to get down and dirty outside, and he is awnry, awnry, awnry!! But even in his most awnry moments he still comes and gives him ole mom a little love...just to make sure he's still got me wrapped around his finger...and he does!!! :)

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