Wednesday, May 09, 2007

6 Months Old....

I've been dreading this post...not because I don't want to share what's new with the baby or show off her cute little I've been dreading it because to post about it mean I have to admit my baby is 6 months old...sna that makes me a little sad!! :(

The first 6 months have flown by and I know the next 6 will as well. It's so bittersweet...I want to freeze each moment to enjoy it just a bit longer.

All of the kiddos bring me so much joy and Sophia is no different...her sweet little spirit lift me up each and everyday. I can't say enough what a sweet, sweet little soul this child is. So good natured...I rarely hear a wimper out of long as she can see what the *big* kids are doing she is very content!! She gets the award for the *Most Smily Baby*...she is constantly smiling and laughing!!!

She is sooo close to sitting up..which will make her world a much better place...this child is insistant about being up so she can see all that is going on. Her favorite perch is her Johnny Jump up...this girl can jump let me tell you!!! I honestly think she would have sat up weeks ago....but she has been trying so hard to skip the sitting step and go staright to standing!! I have a feeling this is going to be our child that runs before she walks!!!

Sophia started veggies last Friday...saying that she likes them is a understatement...she LOVES them...ate an entire jar first night out!! I think she might have been wondering what took me so long to start giving her the good far we've only done Green Beans and Peas but will be starting yellow/orange veggies next week..and then on to fruit!!

I was able to capture a couple pictures of our sweet girl on her 6 month birthday!! Enjoy, Jen

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