Thursday, May 10, 2007


Isabelle...our talker. This girl amazes me with the things she can say...even speaking in sentences sometimes...."Mommy, I want Milk....pleeeease" Her manners are so good....almost always using Please and Thank you...and listen if you sneeze around her...she will Bless you !! We are working really hard on our ABC's right now...but she would rather count for me (she can count to 10)...or tell me what animals say(she knows most all of them)!! With this new found vocabulary...she has found a new found independence....many times a day I hear..."I do" or Belle's turn...sometimes I get a "Mommy help" but most times she wants to do eveything herself...climbs in her boster chair, put on her bib and buckles herself in at meal time...all I have to do is put on the tray and set her plate down...its' beautiful!!! She has also taken to walking up and down the stairs like a big girl...she does very good...but makes me a nervous wreck!! We are working very hard on saying I'm 2!!! Hard to believe in a little over a month that will be true!!! My big, big kiddos!!

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