Monday, November 27, 2006

Together again.....

Where have we been...I'm not even sure how to much has happened!!! Last week did not end up as the relaxing Holiday week that we had hoped for but we are Thankful that our family is back together again!! Jared spent Tuesday thru Sunday in the hospital for a Pulmonary Embolism..the entire experience was terrifing and honestly I'm not really up to talking about it yet..just please know that Jared is home and doing well. Thank you to everyone that kept Jared and our family in your thoughts and prayers...please continue to do so!!!

...Blogger lost my updates about the you will have to wait until tomorrow....but tonight you get pictures of my four *BEAUTIFUL* children together for a picture for the first time. Grace, Sam and Isabelle continue to love Sophia *TOO* you can see.
More later...Jen

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jenelle said...

Glad everyone is back together again. I was worried last week, but I am so glad you had Aunt Melissa's Blogger listed so I went there and she had updates about Jared. Tell her thank you. Take care all of you. LY jenelle