Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a difference two years makes....

November 30, 2004 we had our first sonogram showing that we were having TRIPLETS..a Birthday gift I still remember vividly!!! :) We were so excited living in that moment...never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be sitting here just two years later having just given birth to our 4th child!! The journey has been a rollar coaster ride...but one I'd stand in line for anyday!!! I honestly can't remember my life before my children....what did I do, how did I spend my time?!?! Everyday is a new adventure at our I love to watch thru my children's eyes.

I had all these big plans on how I wanted to spend this day...lunch with a friend, shopping, massage...a day just for me. But beacause of the weather and Jared's condition I am spending it at home...and I'm soo glad this is how it has worked out....sitting back and enjoying my family is the best Birthday present I could have been given. Looking at the events of the last 10 days makes me cherish my family time more than ever. We never know what the future holds for each one of us...we just have to live life one day at a time...and soak in all the love from those around us....and soaking up love is exactly what I'm doing today!!!

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McTriplet Mommy said...

Happy birthday!! My goodness - I had *no* idea about Jared. Selfishly - I'm glad I am finding out now that he is home. How very scary for you guys! I hope he is doing well.

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL - could your kids be any cuter???

Take care,