Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day we survived

The most common question I get from people since coming home from vacation is how in the world did you survive a roadtrip with 4 kids.  Well #1 I have to give the majority credit to my kids...they are rockstars...they did an amazing job on this trip.   And #2 the entire trip took alot of thought and planning on our part.  From games to travel activity bags, to individual snack packs, to fun out of the car activities...we had it all.  We purchased a road trip guide and activity box from Happy Family Movement...included where individually wrapped gifts to open along the way.  They were very simple activities but for the most part brought big smiles and belly laughs from each of us.  Pinterest also helped a ton.  I was able to download and print out a license plate game as well as other games for the kids to play.  I had them printed and laminated at office max so they could be used several times along the way.  The idea for the snack boxes came from pinterest too.  It also helped that three of our four kids can read and LOVE to do so.  Each of our kids also have a DS to play.  #3  Don't rush the roadtrip is half the fun as the destination.  We made a point to stop every few hours to get out stretch, potty, play games and sometimes explore.   We were so happy that the trip went so smoothly and can't wait for the next road trip!! :)

Bubble Gum blowing contest
Flying some airplanes

Sword out daddy...

and our last stop of our 2012 roadtrip was for ice cream...a perfect ending!!
Trip summary:
17 Days
10 States..Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi
Favorite Vacation Memory:
Grace~ Maddie's house and Disney
Isabelle~ Seeing Maddie, Mike and Niki
Samuel~ going to Epcot
Sophia~ Seeing Maddie

Favorite thing we ate on vacation:
Grace~ Pizza at Pizza Planet
Isabelle~ Niki's cinnamon and Sugar toast :)
Samuel~Pizza at Pizza Planet
Sophia~Pineapple Ice cream

Favorite Disney Ride:
Grace~ Toy Story and It's a Small World
Isabelle~ It's a Small World, Soarin, Dinosaur roller coaster, Toy Story Ride
Samuel~ The Woody ride
Sophia~Tea Cups

Favorite Disney Character we met:
Grace~ Minnie and Mickey Mouse
Isabelle~ Minnie and Mickey Mouse and Pluto
Samuel~ Goofy
Sophia~  Daisy Duck

Favorite Disney Show:
Grace~ Finding Nemo
Isabelle~ Lion King and Finding Nemo
Samuel~ Lion King
Sophia~ Bugs life

Favorite Road Trip Songs:
"You don't know your beautiful"...One Direction
"We are Young"
"Starships"Nicki Minaj

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