Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Career Day..

It was fun to see the wheel start turning when the big kids learned that they could dress for their future career at school last week.  There was alot of discussions, alot of going back and forth and lots of promise of what the future holds!!!:)  Samuel had a hard time deciding between a semi truck driver, a basketball player and a police officer...as you can see he finally decided on a Police man!! So cute!!:)  Isabelle ALWAYS has a list of things she wants to be when she grows up...and an Artist and a Veterinarian are ALWAYS on the list!!:)   We decided we could pull off a Vet a little easier than an Artist!!  On her short list were also a teacher, a gymnast, a mommy, doctor, nurse and a princess!! 
Oh my sweet Grace...A Ballerina, a teacher and a mommy is what she would like to be when she grows up....and if I were a gambler I would put my money on two of those things!!:)

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