Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Valentine's Day...

Our Love Day Report...I have to be honest I've never been a HUGE fan of Valentine's's such a commercial holiday...I like to get flowers just like the next girl..but not on Valentine's day...I would much prefer them on a random day just because.  But now since having kids I've fallen in love with the holiday...because at our house it's all about the kids...We fix them heart food for all three meals, they get little gifts from mom and a rose from daddy, we enjoyed school parties and a whole day devoted to those we love!!:) 
The kids day started with them cute Heart Cinnamon rolls..thanks Melissa for sharing the can find it here as well!! 

 Playing game at the school party...
 Jared surprised me with these little beauties...I actually were amazing!!:) 
 A Rose for each kiddo!!:)
 Dinner on Valentine's Day is extra special for the kids..we treat them to dinner at the Mullinax Resturant complete with candle light!!  This year the kids chose heart shaped pancakes and pink milk!!:)  They love, love, love this tradition!!

 ...and because they hadn't had enough sugar!!  haha
 ...after the monkey's were fed Jared and I enjoyed an adult dinner...crab legs and steak!!  yummo!!

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