Thursday, February 17, 2011

..back to my roots!!:)

Last week we headed North to visit family in Iowa...I've made this trip hundred of time in my life...but over recent years I am not usually the one driving I'm usually reading or taking care of kiddos.  But as I was driving it gave me a good chance to look around at all the familiar sites..some of which hold sweet memories and others that hold painful memories.  To be honest with you it was hard to pull into town knowing that there would be no grandparents to greet me, no cheek pinches, no knocking on the door only to hear "nobody's home" or "we don't want any"  I was a bit surprised by my rush of feelings.  My grandpa has been gone almost 11 years and Grandma nearly 4...but then again does the pain of losing someone you love ever really go away?!?!    I think there is always a bit of mourning...I mourn for myself of course but I also mourn for my kiddos.  Because let me tell you my Grandpa Stanley would have gone nuts for these kids...I wish he would have gotten that chance.  Grandma was able to meet and love on the Triplets several times during their first year but never Sophia....and oh how she would have adored Sophia.  I treasure the last time I saw my grandma so much I was pregnant with Sophia and I can vividly remembering her rubbing my belly as we discussed that if the baby was a girl she would have Madeline in her name...a very fitting tribute to one of the most amazing ladies I've ever known!!  

So as I was flooded with so many memories I thought it would be fun to take a few pictures around Grandpa and Grandma's house (my Aunt Diane still lives there)  Aunt Di has changed alot to make the house her own but they're are still a few elements that remind my of Grandma!!:)    

 Grandma LOVED butterfly's...
 This is the same house my dad grew up in...and I love all the *old* features like the door knobs!!
 My Grandma LOVED this singing flower pot...she played it each and every time we came to see her...I can still see the silly smile it put on her face!!
 I adore the old pictures...
 We had breakfast with my Great Uncle Bob Sunday morning, what a sweet treat!!  I love this man so much!! 
...and then one of the main reasons for our trip....this sweet little girl!!:)

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