Friday, February 04, 2011

The Blizzard of Oz...Day 3...the one where we just try to survive..

Thursday was a Girls only day....Samuel had a sleepover with Dillon....which was such a blessing..little man was in desperate need of some boy time!!  So in starting the day with a girly theme I treated my Little princesses to PINK pancakes...
 Then I spent a good portion of the day doing chores...which had been neglected in the two previous days of FUN!!:)
 come 5 o'clock momma headed out for a MUCH NEEDED night out....
 I started with drink and a little Sushi with these ladies....which I can't wait to do again...what a fun time!!:)
 ...and then I headed over to meet these beautiful ladies for dinner...gotta love Triplet Mommy Thursdays!!
A few hours of relaxation and laughter...I was a new woman ready to take on another day of  NO SCHOOL!!:)

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