Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Basketball Star....

Basketball, Basketball, Basketball....oh how I LOVE basketball!!!  I have been so excited for Samuel to play a game both his daddy and I LOVE!!   It's been a different season than I expected but I'm so proud of how far Samuel has come.  Somehow Samuel was placed on a 1st grade team that played together last year...which made it hard for Sam to break in to *their* rhythm and add on top of that Samuel had never played before...let's just say his teammates don't pass him the ball first by any means. But luckily he has a very good coach that has been working really hard with Samuel and we've seem him make great strides...he can now rock the bounce pass...and on Saturday he got the ball THREE times and was able to shoot it!!  I'm so proud of our little man...and the BEST part...he is LOVING playing!! 

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Erynn said...

They must have looked at his height instead of his birthdate when they placed him! ;)

Glad he is doing well and having fun!!