Sunday, June 21, 2009

Once Upon a Time and Ahoy Matey's....

It's a Princess and Pirate Party to celebrate Princess Grace, Pirate Sea-legs Sam, Princess Isabelle's 4th Birthday!! Their party was a hit...we all had a much fun they are already planning next years...Lord help me!! :)

We had lots of fun games including...walking the plank, a treasure hunt and Pirate and Princess versions of pin the tail on the cute!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm very happy for you!!!
Your children are growing up very quickly!!!
Here some advices for you guys, as proud parents of four little angels:
Dialogue is crucial in the home, because parents must listen to their children, and in that way you can watch them and become friends of them, friends who are willing to listen, without trial, yet parents that correct and instruct their children in love and discipline.
On the other hand, discipline is important for raising children, but being flexible and negotiate the boundaries and this will only give the responsibility and trust. Confidence is slowly sowing, rather than try to support them when they commit mistakes.
The most valuable to a child is that his/her parents worry about their welfare and to share as much time as possible to know his/her tastes and preferences and so his parents guidance when needed. Turning to the advice of his best friends: His parents.
Jared and Jennifer: God bless you every single day!!!
Love You Guys!!! CAFE