Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We enjoyed a wonderful day together for Grace, Isabelle and Samuel's birthday. Grace our late sleeper (she usually sleeps until 9 or 10) was up first...she was beaming with excitment about her birthday and she thought it was pretty cool that the Birthday Fairy had left balloon's in her room!!:) As soon as everyone was up daddy made the kids their traditional birthday pancakes. We were lucky enough to have Nana and Papa off work to help us celebrate as well as get ready for party number 1. We celebrated their birthday with a family celebration Friday night...this was the first year that we had two parties one for family and one for friends (on Saturday) and that was the way to go...way less chaotic and we were really able to really enjoy everyone that attended!! :)
The kids were showered with more hugs, kisses and gifts to last them a life time. We appreciate each one of you that made our children's day special!!

We have 3 four year olds...I keep saying that and I can hardly believe it's true...I still remember the day they were born...the sounds of their first cries...holding them in my arms...it makes me sad as well as beam with pride all at the same time. Sad that the days and years have flown by so fast...but pride that our children have grown up to be such fine little souls. They amaze me daily and make me thankful to God that I have been entrusted to be their mom...what an honor. I was sitting enjoying a rare quiet second to myself on Friday when one of the girls yelled "Mommy" it brought tears to my eyes...for four years I've been a mommy...a dream come true...the days are rarely easy...but just with one simple word everything I do and everything that I am is worth every struggle!! I fall head over heals in love with each of them day after day!!

Blessings to all,
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Sandy said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful day together! :)