Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Aunt Amy....

Once in a while a person walks into your life and you know that you will be friends forever...Amy is that kind of friend...a true blessing in my life!! She know me inside and out...and loves me anyway...hee hee. Honestly there are so many days especially lately that I'm not sure I would have survived without her. She always knows what to say to me...she knows when I need something even before I ask. Our relationship is much like I always dreamed of a sister relationship would be..she is my bestest friend!! :)

It's so special to me that my children love her just as much as I do...they are always asking about Aunt Amy wanting to know when she gets to play again. Every airplane we see they think Aunt Amy must be flying it!! :) It was a no brainer when we were choosing God-parents for the triplets that Shawn and Amy would be at the top of our list. They are Samuel's God-parents and Sam thinks that's pretty cool!! :)
We surprised Amy on Saturday a day early with a special Birthday cake and Samuel brought her a Mother's day flower and pot that he painted himself!!

We Love you Aunt Amy..we hope your Birthday was wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

I have no words....thank you! My birthday was wonderful and you guys are a big, big reason! :) Love you! Amy

Anonymous said...

I hope you have enjoyed much of this very special ocasion. i hope also you have shared with your aunt Amy ... Amy happy birthday!!!! God bless you and help you achieve the dreams you have for your life!!! CAFE