Monday, May 18, 2009

Almost 4......

...I'd love to share pictures of our almost 4 year olds before I head off to surgery today (I'm having my gallbladder out) but it seems I've reached my picture max on blogger and now have to purchase space. It will be 24 hours before I can post for all of you not on facebook I apologize for the delay. I will post when I can!! :) Blessings, Jen


Anonymous said...

Jen: God bless you and give you life and health everyday... I hope everything works out in the surgery very well and i hope you better soon. the Lord is your healer, he is giving you the strength and who gives you the most beautiful and special blessings. every day I'm praying for you all, to remain happy and have peace and love of Jesus Christ in your hearts. I love you guys... so much! CAFE

Anonymous said...

Hello jen, how is your recovery?
I have prayed a lot for you to get better soon and you can be with your health so you can gather again with your husband and your dear little children of many moments of joy and fun. I Send you a big hug and many blessings and health. I love you guys!!!!. Kind regards to Jared, Grace, Isabelle, Samuel and little Sophia . Bye!!! CAFE =)

The Farm House Kids said...


I already know (facebook) that you're doing great .... way to go!

WHAT???? Reached your max on blogger! Ouch ... I guess my time too shall come!