Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth...

Last Friday night Jared, Nana, Papa, the kids and I loaded up the van and drove to Topeka for the Circus. We had a was the first circus I had ever been to also and it did not disappoint!! The kids are already asking when they can go back!! :)
I apologize for the crappy pictures...but hey I got what I could with my point and shoot...and a big note to self...In Topeka they don't check bags so next year the good camera is going with me!! :)

The Trio..Sophis was off getting popcorn with Papa

We had pretty good seats!!

Grace's favorite part the big surprise there!! :)

You know Little Bit had fun she sat almost completely still for 2+ hours...that could be a Sophia record!! :)

Samuel and Isabelle's Favorite part...the Tigers

Our Circus Souvenir

This guy was cool...he shot this apple on his head with a bow and arrow



Anonymous said...

It looks like lots of fun! Were you thinking of Water for Elephants while you were there? That's what I think of now when I hear about a circus. What a great age for your kids to get to go, how exciting! Amy

Nancy said...

We went on Sunday - ya know I promote them in KC so mark your calendar for September 16th-20th for over the Top.