Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Awww...the last day of school..

School's out for the summer...how in the world is that possible!?!? :) It was a very bitter sweet day for me. This was our last day at Valley View preschool...I've enrolled the kids in a school closer to our home for next year. But not only do we leave these AWESOME teachers...we are also going to miss Big Papa next year. He lives just 2 block from our current school..but it will be waaaay to far for him to drive next year. We've enjoyed having him help us every Tuesday for three years....we will miss him lots...but are already planning on stopping by for lunch as much as we can!! It has truly been one of the greatest joys to watch the relationship between my children and my grandparents blossom into what it is today...what a blessing!!

One of the triplets teachers will be coming out to our home once a week this summer to still give me my moms day out. I was completely thrilled when she pulled me aside last week to let me know how much she has enjoyed our children and how she will miss them...and that she would love to come watch them this summer if I ever need anyone. We think our kids are pretty awesome but to hear that they are touching so many other peoples hearts makes me beam with pride!! The kids are super excited about having Miss Caroline out to *play*

Now a look back....oh how the kiddos have grown up since the first day of school!! :)
Blessings, Jen

Miss Patty

Miss Barb and Miss Nancy

Miss Caroline

...and each of my little loves with Big Papa...I adore these pictures!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great school year ... children have grown like wildfire ... are beautiful! I am happy to greet you everyday! I love you all, and I am also glad for all your joys, as if you were my own family! God continue to bless you so wonderfully! CAFE.