Sunday, February 22, 2009

Triplet Valentine's Day Playdate...

Last Friday we hosted a Valentine's Day playdate...11 kiddos and 3 momma' was really a blast....and far less chaotic than I expected!! We all have such good kiddos!! The kiddos enjoyed painting canvas's, had a yummy lunch of heart shaped cheese and Heart shaped PB&J's (us momma's enjoyed chicken salad) They all played no stop and got all along famously...and is mommy's got a much needed chat!! We can't wait to do it again.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded my such fabulous mommy's all the time...ladies that truly know and share in the everyday joys and struggles of raising Triplets...I owe so much to each of the ladies in my triplet group...I wouldn't trade even one of them for anything in the world!! We learn so much from's a group I feel like I can truly be myself all the time. So thank you triplet momma's...I love ya ALL!!!


Laney said...

Speaking of chicken salad, I need that recipe - it was yummy!!

Thanks again for having us. It really was so much fun. Like you said, the kids all got along so well!

And great pics too - we need copies!

Kristen said...

And you got out the pain? Wow - you are so brave!
Looks like fun!