Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Littlest BIG Girl....

Some how our baby has grown into a little seems to have happened overnight. I've been fighting hard against her trying to convince her each day that she should stay little forever...but she has finally broke me down....I gave in today and the result is that my baby is fast asleep in her brand new BIG GIRL bed. (insert huge mama tears here) We are a cribless is so bitter sweet!! Sophia has been able to crawl out of her bed for sometime...but in the last couple of weeks it has become more frequent..and falling out once last week was my last straw. She was sooooo excited to go pick out her big girl bed...she even agreed to give up her Binky's in exchange....a large sacrifice for her!!

But instead of just buying one bed we purchased three twin beds and all the girls are now sharing a room in Sophia's room now known as the Girls Dorm!! :) They were all so excited to sleep together (though their brother was very upset...poor little man Someday he will thankful for his own room) I'm thrilled to report that they all three went to sleep without any trouble tonight...and little bit...Sophia never once asked for her beloved Binky!! YAY!!
Now all that's left is to work on bedding and pictures for the walls!!! I'll share picture of the finished room when it's done!! But for now her is Little Bit...could she look any more excited?!?! :)

(PS Aunt Di...your old mattress has now made it's way to B&B's house and is Dillon's new bed now!!:)

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