Monday, October 20, 2008

PSU Homecoming...

Last weekend we headed back to where it all began...back to our college town. Jared and I met and fell in love at Pittsburg State...the town is full of such sweet memories. It was really fun to take our kiddos back...we took in the parade in which they each received entirely to much candy!!:) We went and ate lunch at the fabulous Mall Deli...seriously the best deli anywhere!! We took the kiddos to both the Lambda Chi and the Alpha Sig houses so they could see where mommy and daddy lived. The we headed to the stadium for a little tailgating before the big game....where the kids got to meet Gus the about a thrill..they are still talking about him!! We opted to head home before the game this year but next year I think the kiddos might be up for it!! We definitely hope to make this trip a family tradition it was a blast!!

Saturday night Jared and I headed back to Pittsburg without kiddos to kick it up with some friends. We went and enjoyed the Lambda Chi formal which I have to tell you made me feel reeeeeally OLD!!!! I was chatting with this nice girl who happens to be a current member of my sorority. Somehow it came up that she just graduated this year...2008. She asked when I graduated...I told her 1996 and she mentions that she was 7 years old in 1996....7 YEARS OLD when I was a freshman in college...thanks girly for making this girl feel old!! lol

I hope to share the rest of our weekend soon!!:)
Much Love, Jen


Anonymous said...

Terrifying!! I can't believe you let your kids be around such a horrible mascot! Ha! Bobby is so much friendler! Love ya, Amber

Miracle Monster Mommy said...

Pitt State huh? I am a Truman State Alum :) Grrr... Looks like the family had a great time!!