Thursday, October 09, 2008

Apples...and Grace!!:)

After the Pumpkin Patch we headed to Louisburg Apple Orchard. The last time the kids were there was the weekend I before Sophia was born almost 2 years ago...needless to say they didn't remember much and thoroughly enjoyed this *new* experience this time around!! We watched the apples be cleaned...watched them go thru the press and then watched them make yummy apple cider donuts!! Then of course we had to sample some of the warm donuts!! They are hands down my favorite donut ever...the apple cider slush wasn't bad either!! :) After the apple fun Isabelle and Samuel caught sight of pony fearless two of course wanted to go for a ride. Grace is our cautious child usually opting to watch from the sideline. I asked her is she wanted a pony ride or to go slide down the giant inflatable slide?!? She picked the pony....I whispered to the nice lady taking our money that I would prefer to just pay for two kiddos and the third only after she actually got on. When she looked at the kids and asked who wanted to go first...Grace went running to her and hopped right on...I think my jaw hit the ground!! :) But I was quickly beaming with joy for my girl had overcome her fear and enjoyed her very first pony ride!!! Waaaay to go Grace!! :)


MaryBeth said...

Your photographs are amazing... as always. Beautiful subjects!!

Sugar Mommy said...

Beautiful Pics!
Enjoyed your post.
As an aspiring photographer. I am looking and researching on purchasing a new camera. Have had a few suggestions. Do you have any advice or suggestions you might be willing to share?
Thanks a ton,