Wednesday, September 03, 2008

...the rest of the weekend

Papa and Grandma came up to see us on Saturday...they were able to enjoy the kids all to themselves for the day while Jared, Amy (my assistant) and I headed to Wichita for a photo session. Our good friends Aaron and Stacy welcomed a handsome little man into the world the week prior and I was lucky enough to take his first portraits!!

On Sunday we headed to the Topeka Zoo...we love this little zoo in's just perfect for our family right now. The kids get to enjoy all the animals they love, us adults get in and out of the zoo in about 2's a win, win!! :) The other wonderful thing about the Topeka Zoo is it is in a wonderful little park that has a train and carousel and lots and lots of toys!! We enjoyed the train and then headed home...we had a Birthday to celebrate. The kids were so sweet each of them singing Happy Birthday to Grandma 'Donna....Sophia even sang Happy Birthday to Papa Sarg...just practicing for November. As always our weekend went waaaay to fast...but it was so wonderful to enjoy great friends, wonderful family...I wish every weekend could be so peaceful and fun!! prepare yourself for a TON of pictures!!

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Rosie : ) said...

The kids look so happy with their trip. :)