Tuesday, September 02, 2008

David Cook Mania

Last weekend was well...I'll just say it...it was just about perfect!! :) I started off my holiday weekend by going to the American Idol Live concert with my good friend Amber, My sweet God Daughter, Julia and my cousin Kelly. I'll be honest with you I loved America Idol and watched it each week, LOVED David Cook...but wasn't really to excited about the concert. I thought we'd be the old ladies of the crowd....wrong it seems there was lots of little old ladies that loved America Idol...and I'd like to thank them very much for making me feel like I fit in just fine!! :) The concert itself was 10 times better than I expected....it was 3 hours of some hot, rockin' music!! It was so fun to have watched these performers grow.....they truly performed like they had been doing this for years....they worked the crowd and for the most part they all sounded great. They had each come so far from what we all saw on the show.

But oh, David Cook. What a journey this guy has had...can you imagine 1 year ago your really nobody....and then this year you come back to your home town and play at a SOLD OUT Sprint Center...it was so magical to watch. I honestly didn't hear any of the first song he sang because everyone was screaming so loud...it was AWESOME!!! A huge congrats to him...I can't wait to watch where his career takes him!!

Here are a few pictures of him that I took during his hometown visit last May. Be sure to keep checkin' my friend Heather's Blog...she was lucky enough to have a mini session with David, his mom and his bro Andrew while he was in town. I'm still so jealous Heather...can't wait to see more!! :)

Tune in later to hear more about our weekend!!

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McTriplet Mommy said...

So. Totally. Jealous.